What You'll Need to Provide for Your Chair Massage Traffic Builder or Sponsorship

It's always a good idea to make clear what we can and cannot provide, and what you will need to provide in your exhibit. Most notably we cannot provide any type of booth furniture or exhibit structure, signage, backwall or stanchions.

What you'll need to provide in your massage area.

  • Enough exhibit space to set up an effective chair massage presentation including space for a waiting area for chairs and foot massagers. Of course we realize that if you have a 10'exhibit you may not have the room for a waiting area and foot massagers.
  • Chairs for the foot massagers (Assuming you have room for them.). The foot massagers are used in a seated position. We recommend you rent chairs or couches that are as comfortable as you can afford. Attendees love to have a place to sit and relax.
  • Electrical outlets for the foot massagers.
  • Signage that announces the free massage and credits your company.
  • Wastepaper baskets; we'll produce a lot of paper towel waste, and attendees will leave lots of drink cups, etc.
  • A small table on which to place the massage supplies: face cradle covers, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.

Other things you might want to consider

  • Stanchions to delineate and border the massage and waiting area.
  • A sign-up desk area where an attendee can find out exactly what's being offered, how long the wait will be and sign up for a massage.
  • If you don't use our greeter/supervisor we highly recommend you provide a person to greet attendees and sign them up. The massage therapists will be too busy to do a good job at this.
  • We can have our supervisor arrive early to set up the massage chairs, foot massagers & audio equipment.
  • If you want us to handle return shipping of the massage equipment after the show, one of our massage therapists can do this; you'll just need to pay 1-2 extra hours of massage time for packing up and filling out the shipping papers.

What we can provide.

  • Certified, insured chair massage therapists for your events.
  • Matching massage chairs which the massage therapists will use while working at your event.
  • Customized Relaxation Audio program which attendees will listen to while receiving their chair massage. We'll also provide the headphones, iPods and chargers needed.
  • The massage supplies needed: face cradle covers, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, etc.
  • Electric foot massagers for your visitors to use while waiting for their chair massage.
  • Custom "Relax with Us" t-shirts.
  • A greeter/supervisor to work sign-ups, supervise the massage therapists and pack and ship the massage chairs and electric foot massagers.
  • Inbound shipping of the massage chairs, foot massagers, supplies and audio equipment via YRC or UPS. You'll need to pay for the shipping.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with questions or to get a quote. We provide chair massage and corporate massage nationwide and are based in San Francisco.