How much exhibit space will I need for chair massage in my exhibit or event?

This is often the first question a prospective customer asks us. Here's an easy way to look at it. Visualize a 10' X 10' exhibit space with nothing in it. Two massage therapists could work very comfortably is this space. Three therapists could work here but it would be a slightly crowded.

In general it takes a space about 5' X 6' for one chair massage station. Of course this does not leave any room for a waiting area. It's nice to have a waiting area adjacent to the massage area with comfortable chairs and foot massagers where attendees can wait for their massage. This waiting area would need to be about the same size as the massage area. The waiting area is where you screen and pre-quality attendees while they wait.

10' Linear Exhibit

If your exhibit has a backdrop, a cabinet and a few people working, you'll probably have room for only one massage station.

If you have a 10' space dedicated to chair massage, you will have room for two massage stations and three foot massagers as shown below.

10' linear booth chair massage floor plan

20' Linear Exhibit

20' linear booth chair massage floor plan

Some exhibitors purchase a 20' exhibit: 10' for their display and booth staff and 10' for two or three massage therapists, with maybe room for a small waiting area with chairs and foot massagers. This is an excellent solution for a small exhibitor who wants to make a big impact with chair massage.

20' x 40' Island Exhibit

20' x 40' island exhibit chair massage floor plan

There are many ways to configure larger massage areas. In this one couches with foot massagers form a waiting area, ringed by the massage stations.

20' x 20' Island Exhibit

20' x 20' island exhibit chair massage floor plan

In this example the massage stations are bookended by couches and foot massagers. The sign-up desk is on the aisle. This one worked especially well.

Ways to Better Delineate the Massage Area/Waiting Area.

  1. Use stanchions to surround the chair massage area and direct attendees to the sign-up desk. This makes the area much neater and keeps attendees from walking right up to the massage therapists and talking to them and disturbing the massage recipients.
  2. Provide a sign-up desk which can be a desk a cabinet, or simply a greeter with a sign-up sheet on a clipboard. Some companies just use a stanchion and let people stand in line to determine who is next. This will work but we feel it's better to provide a person or persons to greet the attendees, sign them up on a list so they know they have a guaranteed spot on the waiting list. I'm sure you have been to a restaurant that does not take reservations and uses a sign-up list. This is what we're talking about.
  3. Outfit the massage therapists in brightly colored t-shirtsor polo shirts will let people know something special is going on here. We recommend having the therapists wear a different color than the staff is wearing.
  4. Place highly visible signage that announces the free massage, and who is offering it.
  5. Provide a waiting area with comfortable chairs and foot massagers. Comfortable chairs are a rarity on the exhibit floor, let alone foot massagers. Make your whole exhibit a relaxation zone: chair massage, comfortable chairs, electric foot massagers and Customized Relaxation Audio.

We urge you to take your chair massage attraction seriously and plan it carefully. Like anything else in the trade show world it takes careful planning to achieve a high level of success. You get what you pay for. You get what you plan for.

Please call us if you have any logistics questions.

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20-Minute Vacation in action at a trade show

Six massage stations in a circular pattern