Corporate Massage for Employee Events and Health Fairs Nationwide

When you want to do something special for your employees, or you need an incentive to get them out to your events – chair massage is always a great solution. It's fun, healthy and employees love it! Chair massage can help motivate employees to come out for your corporate health fair or benefit fair. And employee appreciation events with massage are always a big hit. Chair massage works great at corporate parties, receptions and picnics as well.

Corporate chair massage – for health fairs,
open enrollment fairs, employee appreciation events, parties and receptions.

At general health fairs any time of the year. It will help increase your attendance because employees are always be attracted by free massage.

During open enrollment season when you want to make sure employees have the opportunity to review all their healthcare options it's vital they attend. Chair massage is an effective motivator that will attract them to the event.

At employee appreciation events chair massage is always a big hit. It's the perfect way to tell employees you care about their health and well being. It's also a terrific way to promote stress management - a way to keep employees happy, healthy and productive.

At any corporate celebration or event – chair massage will fit right in. Add a healthy focus to your parties, picnics and receptions. Your employees will appreciate your gift of relaxation and stress relief.

Let us schedule corporate massage for you nationwide. We work with companies to provide chair massage for their open enrollment events or health fairs nationwide. All we need is a list of the events' locations and dates and we'll have the massage therapists there 30-minutes before start time at each event. We have a nationwide network of highly skilled massage therapists who can provide 5-10 minute massages that are invigorating and inspire a positive attitude toward health. Chair massage can greatly enhance your health fair and make it an event employees will remember and look forward to each year. Our massage therapists are skilled, certified and insured. They regularly do chair massage for us at trade shows and corporate events, so they have the skill and stamina to perform this kind of demanding service – with a smile!

We'll do all the scheduling, leaving you and the people in your district offices free to concentrate on other aspects of their planning. A few phone calls and emails and all your events will be staffed. This also results in lots of good will between you and your district offices. They'll appreciate not having to do the massage staffing. We will send emails to the therapists containing all the information they'll need to know and we will always copy you and the district office contact.

Health and Benefit fairs are very much like trade shows. You will not want to schedule the massages but just have employees sign up to help keep track of who is next. We recommend offering massages about 5-7 minutes in length, since most health or benefit fairs are only about 4 hours or less in length.

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Please feel free to contact us with questions or to get a quote. We provide chair massage and corporate massage nationwide and are based in San Francisco.

"Thanks to 20-Minute Vacation for the great job they did for WestEd during our 12 Open Enrollment Meetings across the US. Our employees really enjoyed the chair massage services your staff provided!"

– Juanita Harper

HR Compensation and Benefits Administrator for WestEd