Attract, Qualify, Communicate and Improve:

How Chair Massage Can Improve your booth traffic, lead count and overall impact

The Final Touch. After you've helped your attendees feel better with massage – they'll also be feeling better about your company. Assuming most registered attendees at the trade show are in some way prospective customers, by drawing a bigger crowd with chair massage, your sales staff will be able to screen and pre-qualify more prospects while attendees are waiting for their massage. And your booth staff can continue the qualification process after the massage – while your visitors are relaxed, appreciative and receptive. 20-Minute Vacation can help you attract more booth traffic and more qualified leads.

Can 20-Minute Vacation help you improve your ROI? Of course we can't promise that – but we can help you create the conditions that can make it possible.

Attract – Qualify – Communicate – Improve

20-Minute Vacation specializes in trade shows and other marketing events. We understand your needs – we were founded by a former exhibit manager. And our friendly, talented massage professionals have trade show experience as well. They'll become a supportive partner to your sales team. They'll help you draw a crowd at your next trade show, and produce more qualified leads.

Please call us and discuss your needs. We are looking forward to speaking with you. Learn more About Us.

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Please feel free to contact us with questions or to get a quote. We provide chair massage and corporate massage nationwide and are based in San Francisco.

I had the pleasure of working with 20-Minute Vacation on our last large conference in Phoenix. The therapists were so pleasant and a blessing to work with. We have used 20-Minute Vacation for many of our events and would definitely recommend them to anyone!

– Ann Marie Griffith

2010 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference