Request a Quote for Chair Massage at Your Trade Show or Marketing Tour

Get a quote today. Please complete this form as fully as you can. If you don’t know the exhibit hours, just give the name and date of the show and we will find them online. If you don’t know how many therapists you need, we’ll quote for various numbers of therapists. And if you don’t like filling out forms, we’ll take your information over the phone. Call us at 415.487.9114

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About our rates

  • Our rate is based on the total number of massage hours. For instance, 3 therapists working 7 hours per day at a three-day show would be a total of 63 massage hours. (3 therapists X 7 hours = 21 hours per day X 3 days = 63 massage hours)
  • Cost for services other than the chair massage (matching massage chairs, relaxation audio, etc.) will be totaled out separately in the quote.
  • Why don’t we just offer a basic bottom line price for your event? We think most exhibitors want to see all the elements of the service broken out so they can see exactly what they’re paying for: massage therapists, matching massage chairs, Customized Relaxation Audio, shipping, etc.
  • Our rate depends on several things:
    (1) The hours of chair massage service per day or shift. For instance we would charge more for a two-hour period than for 4-hours or more. It’s difficult to find therapists to commit to a two-hour work period so we pay them more in such cases.
    (2) The Geographical location of the trade show. Our rates are higher in the Northeast.
    (3) Rates in Canada and Europe will vary with the exchange rate