Frequently Asked Questions About Chair Massage for Trade Shows

Are your massages 20-minutes in duration?

No they are not. We chose the name 20-Minute Vacation when we thought we were going to open retail chair massage stores. We ended up in the trade show industry instead – and at shows the massages should never be longer than 10-minutes. But we like our name and decided to keep it. And anyway; our promise to you is that most of your visitors will be in your exhibit 20-Minutes or more when you use our services.

How early will the massage therapist be in my exhibit before the show opens?

On the opening day of the show it is critical that you get a smooth, not-rushed start. So we will make sure your massage therapists are in your booth one hour before start time.

What length of massage is right for a trade show?

We feel the ideal length is 7 ½ minutes. It's long enough to justify the wait but short enough so people don't have to wait too long. Our Customized Relaxation Audios are 7 ½ minutes in duration.

Should we offer chair massage to everyone in the exhibit hall?

You may not want to offer free massage to everyone who comes into your exhibit. You are using chair massage to draw a crowd, screen them and find qualified buyers. Consider restricting free massage to attendees who could be qualified prospects.

How much space do I need for chair massage in my exhibit?

About 5' x 6' for each massage station. We have discussed this in detail here: Exhibit Space Needed for Chair Massage.

What is your rate for providing chair massage at events?

It depends on the number of hours of service requested, the geographical area of the event and which other service options you choose. Plus our rates in Canada and Europe will vary with the exchange rate. We will provide you with a firm, detailed quote. To request a quote please send a Request-a-Quote form.

Will my massage therapists be flown in from San Francisco?

No, they will be local massage therapists, certified and licensed in your area, and self insured. They are working for 20-Minute Vacation as independent contractors. We can document their massage liability insurance and even have your company listed as "Additionally Insured" if you desire.

What will I need to provide in my exhibit?

Space for the chair massage; a wastepaper basket; a small table or cabinet on which to place the massage supplies (paper towels, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.); one electrical outlet for each foot massager; one chair for each foot massager; a coat tree; and storage space for the massage therapists' personal items. We will provide the massage chairs, foot massagers and supplies. And if you use the Customized Relaxation Audio we wil provide the iPods, headsets and chargers.

What about hygiene?

The massage therapists will clean the massage chair and their hands after each massage using antibacterial hand sanitizer. They will also clean the headphone ear pieces with hand sanitizer after each massage. They will cover the face cradle with a new disposable face cradle cover for each massage.

Is any clothing removed for the massage?

No. This is not necessary for chair massage; although men may be asked to loosen their ties and women to remove any obstructive jewelry. Of course jackets and caps need to be removed.

How much pressure will I receive during the massage?

You'll receive as much pressure as you desire. Please let your massage therapist know immediately if you are receiving too little or too much pressure. A chair massage is not a medical treatment and our therapists do not diagnose and treat for specific problems. This is simply an invigorating upper body massage designed to increase circulation, loosen muscle tightness and help people feel better.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations or date changes may be initiated AT NO CHARGE upon 30 days written notice to 20-Minute Vacation. Cancellations or date changes initiated 15 to 30 days of an event will incur a CANCELLATION FEE OF 20%. Cancellations or date changes initiated within 8 to 14 days will incur a 50% CANCELLATION FEE. Cancellations or date changes initiated 7 days or less before the event will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

How much advance notice do you need to staff an event with massage therapists?

One month or more would be ideal. But we have staffed events with a mere 24 hours notice. The main point is this: the longer we have to staff the better chance we have of booking the most experienced massage therapists for your event. But if you call at the last minute, we can probably successfully staff your event.

Are there any fees other than your hourly rate?

No fees as such. But you will need to pay for the following. 1) Shipping of electric foot massagers, matching massage chairs and audio equipment to the show, and return to 20-Minute Vacation. 2) Parking expenses for the massage therapists. 3) Production costs for the Customized Relaxation Audio. 4) Rental cost for the matching massage chairs.

Do you require an up-front payment before the event?

Yes, we require that you pay us 50 percent of the total cost 30 days before the event. The balance is due 10 days or less after the event. If the event is a 3-month marketing tour we might require several up-front payments over the 3-month period, and we would need to work this out with you and your accounts payable department.

Are tips expected?

Tipping is not required. But doing chair massage at a trade show is very hard work and we advise our clients to allow the therapists to accept tips if offered. When it's very busy and the massage therapists are receiving tips it keeps them energized and feeling appreciated and they take fewer breaks. Plus most trade show attendees like to show their appreciation with a tip. But we do not allow our therapists to put out a tip basket – it looks unprofessional. On balance we feel tipping is a positive thing at trade shows.

How will the massage chairs, supplies and other equipment get to my booth?

If you have not ordered matching massage chairs, the therapists will bring their own massage chairs. 20-Minute Vacation will ship the following items to the show warehouse. 1) Matching massage chairs. 2) Electric foot massagers. 3) Massage supplies. 4) Audio equipment. You'll need to handle return shipment of the massage equipment to 20-Minute Vacation after the show.

Can 20-Minute Vacation handle return shipping for us after the show?

Yes. We will ask one of our massage therapists to pack everything up and turn in the bill of lading at the shipping desk. Once the show closes you would not need to do anything. The cost for this would be 1-2 hours of time at the same rate you paid for the chair massage, plus shipping charges. We like to ship via YRC if possible because they are trade show specialists, and are more reliable for picking up shipments in the exhibit hall after the show.

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An invigorating upper body massage designed to increase circulation, loosen muscle tightness and help people feel better.