Attract, Qualify, Communicate and Improve:

Qualify Visitors While They Wait for Their Chair Massage

Now you've got a crowd gathering. What next?
More trade show leads.

Ideally you'll have a waiting area which includes comfortable chairs or couches, our electric foot massagers and someone to welcome them. After visitors have signed up, had their badges scanned and entered the waiting area, your booth staff can greet them and begin the qualification process. Your number one goal is to sift through your visitors in order to find the real qualified trade show leads. And here's a new way to do it – while they are waiting for a chair massage.

Begin the qualification process. You could ask visitors to fill out a simple pre-qualification form while they're waiting. Then immediately collect these and pass them on to a booth staffer to flag the ones that look promising. Or staffers could simply chat with attendees while they wait. A trade show is all about face to face communication and here is a perfect opportunity for the first round of getting to know your customers and prospects – as well as an opportunity to increase your qualified leads count.

Booth staff talking to visitors while they wait for their chair massage

You will have a chance to engage visitors while they wait

We'll take care of the relaxation. Our massage therapists will be with each visitor for about 7-8 minutes giving them a relaxing neck, back and shoulder massage while they listen to your Custom Relaxation Audio, containing your marketing message. Then we'll pass them on to your sales staff.

The human touch – applied to sales. You should note that although 20-Minute Vacation can help you draw a crowd and create the opportunity for qualification – we are not knowledgeable sales consultants or marketing experts. But we can partner with your staff to create the relaxing atmosphere that attracts trade show attendees and helps you meet your goals – more qualified leads.

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The chair massages provided through 20-Minute Vacation were the perfect addition to our tradeshow! Attendees were excited to have something new that helped them relax during a full day of meetings.

– Chaley Haney

Membership and Events Coordinator, California Cattlemen's Association