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Successful Events Begin With Crowds

Do you need to boost attendance at your trade shows? Attract employees to your corporate events? Ensure crowds at your nationwide marketing tour? That's what we do — attract crowds using chair massage. We've been an event massage provider for more than 15 years. We provide chair massage practitioners who are courteous, on time and highly skilled at their craft. We return phone calls and emails promptly, communicate clearly and follow through carefully until your event is complete. We understand the needs of event professionals. Call us now and begin attracting bigger crowds with chair massage.

Our goal is to help make you successful. Here's what we do.

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Free chair massage will attract attendees to your trade show exhibit; and keep them with you for 20-minutes or more while they wait for their massage. You'll have a captive audience to screen, qualify and sell to while they wait. And afterward they'll be relaxed, refreshed, informed and more open to speaking with your sales staff about their needs. » Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out from the Crowd With a Chair Massage Attraction

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A chair massage sponsorship can help you, the trade show organizer, increase exhibit hall traffic, increase event revenue, and help create a memorable experience for attendees, making them feel more welcome, appreciated and relaxed. Or, for the exhibitor who purchases your chair massage sponsorship, it will help them increase booth traffic and improve their overall impact at your trade show. » Chair Massage – Destined to be the Most Appreciated Sponsorship at Your Trade Show

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Each stop of your tour is critical to your overall results. You need to make sure people are motivated to stop at your event and participate during the short time you are in town. Chair massage can help you attract the crowds you need at every stop on your nationwide, multi-city marketing or sampling tour. We're ready to draw a crowd for you – nationwide! » Chair Massage Attractions for Marketing and Sampling Tours

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When you want to do something special for your employees, or you need an incentive to get them out to your events – chair massage is always a great solution. It's fun, healthy and employees love it! Chair massage can help motivate employees to come out for your corporate health fair or benefit fair. And employee appreciation events with massage are always a big hit. Chair massage works great at corporate parties, receptions and picnics as well. » Corporate Massage for Employee Events and Health Fairs Nationwide

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