Chair Massage for Trade Shows,
Corporate Events and Marketing Tours

Event Massage with a Marketing Focus — 20-Minute Vacation

Our customers are not the people receiving a chair massage at your events. Our customers are people like you — the event professionals producing and coordinating the events. We help you by drawing bigger crowds to your marking events, or improving employee morale at your corporate events.

Our Massage Professionals Help Your Customers and Employees Feel Appreciated

Our Service Areas include:

  • Chair massage which takes place in trade show exhibits, paid for by the exhibiting company.
  • Trade Show chair massage sponsorships paid for by either the trade show association or one of their exhibitors.
  • Corporate massage events like health fairs, benefit fairs, parties, receptions and employee appreciation days.
  • Multi-location marketing tours.

All of these are usually one off events except for the marketing tours. Although sometimes we service all of a company’s health fairs or benefit fairs nationwide. And sometimes a company needs us to provide chair massage practitioners at a series of trade shows across the US. Be sure and ask us about this.

Event Massage at Trade Shows

Many events, especially trade shows, are about much more that simply sending out the chair massage therapists. At a trade show we may need to ship in matching massage chairs, electric foot massagers and audio equipment. This involves shipping the massage equipment to the show warehouse or directly to the exhibit hall. It may involve having our supervisor arrive early and set up the equipment, and handle outbound shipping after the show. Our massage practitioners are used to doing this. They know where to find the shipping desk and how to fill out a bill of lading. We have a good knowledge of shippers and will notice that if a Sunday move out is required, it would preclude using UPS or FedEx in many exhibit halls.

At Marketing Tours

Things can easily get complicated in a large nationwide marketing tour. Sometimes our customers are still lining up the stops during the tour and we may only have a week or less to staff some tour stops. Sometimes locations are postponed, cancelled or changed at the last minute. Furthermore most events are more active on weekends so we need to be in communication with the on-site tour facilitators at all times to respond to last minute changes regarding locations, parking permits, etc. We will do whatever it takes to make sure the required chair massage therapists are at each tour stop, even if we have to staff an event with 24 hours or less notice. We thrive on the challenges of these types of marketing events.

Finally we always over communicate, and double check everything. As you know at a trade show or marketing event anything can happen — and usually does!

At Corporate Events

Many of these same issues can come up for health fairs and other corporate events. If you are offering chair massage at your company and you have 10 massage therapists working over a day or two — you want a service that is well staffed, well planned and requires minimum involvement by you.

We love event massage — that's why we excel at it. Call us — we’ll help you get it done!

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Please feel free to contact us with questions or to get a quote. We provide chair massage and corporate massage nationwide and are based in San Francisco.